We’re reprinting this news item from our good friends at Offbeat Magazine (you do subscribe don’t you?):

“In light of last month’s arrests of Derrick Tabb and Glen David Andrews for being a part of an impromptu second line, the tradition is on people’s minds. Thursday night at 7 p.m., there will be a discussion at the Sound Cafe (on Chartres in the Bywater) on “Rebuilding New Orleans: The Second Line Model.”

Participants include Tamara Jackson, president of VIP Ladies Social and Pleasure Club and the New Orleans Social and Pleasure Club Task Force; Waldorf “Gip” Gibson, vice president of the Young Men Olympia and president of the Furious Five; Ronald W. Lewis, president of the Big Nine Social and Pleasure Club and director of House of Dance and Feathers Museum; and Bennie Pete, leader of the Hot 8 Brass Band.”

Article: RIP Kerwin James (and New Orleans and Houston too)

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