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Check out the line up for the 2019 winter cruise while there are still seats to be had:

Earlier this year, I had the great good fortune to go on this cruise. 

Not only is this the greatest jazz festival at sea, it’s one of the great jazz festivals of the world. Period. 

Remember the good old days when you could walk club to club and hear great musicians all playing within a short distance of each other? 

That’s what this cruise is like…with great food…with a fantastic and focused audience of fellow jazz fans…with fresh sea air…and with warm balmy weather to cut the winter chill. 

Literally as much great music as you can handle…in a wide variety of settings from a beautiful theater to intimate club spaces…all with world class sound systems and techs that do the music justice.  

As if that weren’t enough, you can stay on the boat for a second week and catch even more music with Blue Note at Sea.

If I had the job of naming the thing, I’d just call it “Jazz Heaven” and leave it at that. 

Check out the line up for the winter 2019 cruise while there are still seats to be had:

– Ken McCarthy
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Ornette's Artists House loft on Prince Street

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