Lawsuit against the Army Corps of Engineers

Here’s partial text of the ad soliciting claimants that the law firm of Bruno & Bruno, L.L.P. ran in yesterday’s Times-Picayune. It’s entitled Claim for Damage, Injury, or Death.

“The hurricane protection levees and hurrican walls which were supposed to protect the New Orleans metropolitcan area failed and were breached during the day of August 29, 2005. The breaches and failure of the hurricane protection levees and walls were are result of Corps of Engineers’ negligence in granting a permit to the Sewage and Water Board to dredge the 17th Street Canal and in the design and construction of these levees and walls and the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet. In addition, the Corps knew or reasonably should have known that the hurricane protection levees and walls were inadequate to protect the area from flooding from a fast moving category three hurricane and despite that knowledge, the Corps failed to disclose the inadequacies, to the material detriment of the claimant.”

If you or anyone you know suffered a loss in New Orleans as a result of the levee failures, go here for more information about making a claim:

Or call 1-800-529-4636

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Helen Hill Jazz Funeral Parade Video

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