By and By (We’ll Understand it Better By and By)
We’re still getting inspiration from our interview with Cisco Bradley about his biography of William Parker.

He recommended we check out Robin D.G. Kelley’s classic bio “Thelonious Monk: The Life and Times of an American Original” which we did. (Great book and someday we hope to interview Kelley.)

Meanwhile, Kelley’s book reminded us of the central role the Church and Church music played – and still plays – in the development of our greatest musicians. Everyone from Louis Armstrong to Ornette Coleman has recounted the formative experiences it had on them.

Abide with Me (From “Monk’s Music”)

Thelonious Monk (piano)
Ray Copeland (trumpet)
Gigi Gryce (alto saxophone)
Coleman Hawkins / John Coltrane (tenor saxophone)
Wilbur Ware (bass)
Art Blakey (drums)

One Foot in the Gutter (From “Clark Terry with Thelonious Monk”)

Clark Terry – Fluegelhorn
Thelonious Monk – Piano
Sam Jones – Bass
Philly Joe Jones – Drums

– Ken McCarthy
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