An exotic Southern breakfast (for a Northerner)

After six months in New York City, it’s calming to see buildings still made of wood. Hundreds, if not thousands, of these gems – large and small – all over the city.

I found this small brass plate embedded in a pavement celebrating a 100+ year old breakthrough in sidewalk technology. Buddy Bolden could have stepped on this.

Aurora Nealand and devoted fan Artemis at Maison on Frenchmen Street. Artemis’ dad brings her to the early Monday show and she “sits in” regularly.

Randy Brecker and Ken at the Jazz Education Network conference. Randy is a big supporter of Jazz on the Tube.

When the US was gaining its independence from England and finding its way in the world, New Orleans was administered by Havana.


Young Cuban musicians from the Horns to Havana project in front of Preservation Hall where they’ve been training all week. More on this remarkable story when I get back from Cuba.

– Ken McCarthy
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