I only have one quibble with this movie.

It should be called Nuestra HERMOSA Cosa Latina (Our BEAUTIFUL Latin Thing)

Directed by Leon Gast (who went on to make “When We Were Kings”) and produced by Fania Records.

I had the great good fortune to grow up partially in the Bronx in the 1970s and this music and the energy it created was everywhere.

I was too young to go to the clubs, but this great music was the background of my life.

How wonderful that someone captured it. This was one of the greatest flowerings of creative music in New York City’s history – and that’s saying a lot!

Gest says the film was short entirely on the Lower East Side with the exception of the club footage which was shot at Cheetah’s which was located at Broadway and 53rds Street in Manhattan.

The Track List

1. Estrellas de Fania (Practice) – Fania All Stars (4:11​)
2. QuÍtate Tú – Fania All Stars (9:40​)
3. Anacaona – Fania All Stars (19:08​)
4. Ponte Duro – Fania All Stars (31:10​)
5. Abran Paso I – Larry Harlow Y Su Orquestra con Ismael Miranda (43:40​)
6. Abran Paso II – Larry Harlow Y Su Orquestra con Ismael Miranda (48:07​)
7. Lamento De Un Guajiro – Larry Harlow Y Su Orquestra con Ismael Miranda (51:05​)
8. Estrellas de Fania – Fania All Stars (1:12:05​)

– Ken McCarthy
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