I had breaksfast on Mardi Gras Day at the Hotel Monteleone. I happened to be standing in the lobby when the walking club led by Pete Fountain, the musician and self-proclaimed “Prince of Mardi Gras” streamed in.

It’s an upscale group.

In addition to the Mardi Gras Krewes, there are also Mardi Gras walking clubs:

The Jefferson City Buzzards, The Garden District Club, The Corner Carnival Club, Lyons Carnival Club, The Society of Saint Ann, The Krewe of Barkus, Mondo Kayo, KOE, and Krewe of Switzerland.

Click here for the official web site of the Krewe of Saint Anne

Click here for more info about New Orleans Walking Clubs.

Zulu Parade 2007 video Mardis Gras New Orleans
Lundi Gras 2007 New Orleans

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