Mardi Gras morning in New Orleans…families were already camped out, cooking and ready for the day’s parades. I shot this video at 7:30 in the morning:

The Zulu Parade is one of many huge parades that takes place during Carnival season.

Here’s a very small slice of what it was like.

Keep in mind there are several major parades during Carnival season and countless smaller one. The Zulu Parade alone had twenty-seven floats.

I think it’s safe to say that New Orleans Mardi Gras is the biggest public celebration in all of North America.

Zulu Parade 2007 Video #1:

Zulu Parade 2007 Video #2:


Frenchman Street Mardi Gras 2007 video
Pete Fountain Half-Fast Walking Club Mardi Gras

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