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People and their cultures perish in isolation, but they are born or reborn in contact with other men and women, with men and women of another culture, another creed, another race. If we do not recognize our humanity in others, we shall not recognize it in ourselves.  – Carlos Fuentes

The most up-to-date list of video excerpts from one of the greatest summits of salsa and jazz legends ever assembled on one stage at one time.

Will this entire concert ever be released as a video? Yes, if an angel steps forward to underwrite the post-production work. Meanwhile, please support Puerto Rico in this time of great need. Thanks.

Part One – The Opening
Mosaico Puertorriqueño (Puerto Rican Mosaic)

Part Two – Caravan
Composed by Puerto Rican composer Juan Tizol featuring long time Jazz and Latin collaborator David Amram.

Part Three – Poet Felipe Luciano
Member of the Original Last Poets, a co-founder of the Young Lords, and award winning broadcaster and journalist.

Part Four – Paquito D’Rivera
The maestro provides compelling evidence that Mozart was in fact a Puerto Rican.

Part Five – Antoinette Montague and Valerie Capers
Two members of Blues royalty bring some Bronx, Newark, and Down South into the mix and let the good times roll.

Part Six – Randy Brecker
“El Cumbanchero” by the great Puerto Rican composer Rafael Hernández Marín

Part Seven – La Cartera
The classic Arsenio Rodriguez composition performed by Gerardo Contino (vocals), Larry Harlow (piano), Eddie Montalvo (congas)

Part Eight – Candido!
The one and only works out on Manteca.

Part Nine – Finale
Rachael Kara Pérez sings “Preciosa” composed by Rafael Hernández Marín

Note: The first three clips are rough one camera shots with no editing.

The host orchestra – Meet the members of Bobby Sanabria’s MULTIVERSE Big Band

Click here: The emergency in Puerto Rico is not over: How to help

– Ken McCarthy
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Paquito D’Rivera at Salsa Meets Jazz for Puerto Rico
Felipe Luciano at Salsa Meets Jazz for Puerto Rico