Click here: The emergency in Puerto Rico is not over: How to help

Rachel Kara Pérez sings “Preciosa” with Bobby Sanabria’s Muliverse Big Band.

Composed in 1932 in Mexico by the Puerto Rican composer Rafael Hernández Marín, the same year he wrote “Lamento Borincano.”


Precious, you are called by the Bards
who sing your history.
It doesn’t matter that the tyrant treats you
with dark evil.
Precious you’d be without a flag,
without laurels, without glory.
Precious you are called
by the children of Liberty.

This is the last of nine excepts from the “Salsa Meets Jazz” Benefit for Puerto Rico held on October 23, 2017 under the musical direction of Bobby Sanabria.

Dozens of musicians contributed their time and talent to this event and these videos including Paquito D’Rivera, Candido, Larry Harlow, Gerardo Contino, Eddie Montalvo, Randy Brecker, David Amram, Antoinette Montague, Valerie Capers, Rachel Kara Pérez, the poets Poet Felipe Luciano and Mariposa, and many others

Videographers Darren Hoffman and Alfie Alvarado contributed their services. Post production was underwritten by Jazz on the Tube with contributions from Guava Records and Entertainment Cruise Productions. Web publishing and promotion services were contributed by Jazz on the Tube.

All told, over $100,000 worth of music and other services were contributed to make this music and these clips available to you for free.

Now it’s your turn. Be generous. The need is great. Thank you.

Click here: The emergency in Puerto Rico is not over: How to help

Click here for: All the clips from the Salsa Meets Jazz Benefit for Puerto Rico.

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