Brandon McCune and his kids sing the theme and solo from the Coltrane recording.

I could write a book about this.

Nearly sixty years after Coltrane recorded this, ‘Trane lives, Bird lives, the music lives…


Because of teachers and fathers like Brandon McCune. That in a nutshell is why the music lives.

Do our children have the capacity to learn and love this music? Of course, they do. If they’re not learning it, that’s on us.

McCune’s been a sideman for Abbey Lincoln, Terence Blanchard, Nneena Freelon, Betty Carter, Miki Howard, Wynton Marsalis, Bruce Williams, Chrisette Michele, Ted Dunbar, Larry Ridley, Russell Malone, Lenora Zenzalai Helm, Mark Gross, Antonio Hart, and Orbert Davis.

You can read McCune’s bio here

The original (1964)

– Ken McCarthy
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