1. The first Jazz on the Tube book is coming out soon (March). It’s about New Orleans. If all goes well this will be the first in a long series of books on specific jazz scenes in the US and around the world.

2. I’m working on a reel that compiles great advice on how to learn and practice music featuring comments from Charlie Parker, George Benson, Pat Metheny, Phil Woods, Barry Harris, and some lesser-known, but truly inspired music educators. This is for all the young people who are learning the music and all the educators who are helping show them the way.

3. And available right now <drum roll please>, the new and improved – and 100% ad-free –

Thanks to all our supporters. You literally make all these things happen.

– Ken “Lester Perkins” McCarthy

The McCune family sings a Coltrane solo (The tune is "26-2")
It is rocket science - The Bud Powell version

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