Interview with Bobby Sanabria

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What do you get when you combine Broadway’s most complex score from one of America’s greatest and most jazz-friendly composers with some of New York’s finest musicians and most imaginative arrangers playing for one of the world’s hippest jazz orchestras?

“West Side Story Reimagined” by Bobby Sanabria’s Multiverse Big Band.

We’ve followed this project through its debut, its free live streaming from Jazz and Lincoln Center, and now – at long last – the recording is available to the public.

Among other things, it’s a master class in Latin rhythms.

Just get it.

I guarantee you’ll be playing it until the 0s and 1s wear out on the digital recording.

Early bird buyers can get a special deal direct from the label. If you need to know more, here are detailed notes on each composition and arrangement

– Ken McCarthy
Jazz on the Tube

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Music credit: The Jazz on the Tube podcast theme song is “Mambo Inferno” performed by The Manhattan School of Music Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra conducted by Bobby Sanabria from the CD ¡Que Viva Harlem!

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