Welcome to the Jazz on the Tube “Who’s That Cat?” Test.

It’s our first and if it’s popular, we may do it again.

Here’s what we’re asking:

1. What’s the tune?

2. Who is the alto soloist?

3. When was it recorded?

4. Where was it recorded?

The person who gets the most correct answers will win a copy of the Jazz on the Tube Insiders Guide to Cuba (a $95 value.)

If more than one person gets all four questions right, we’ll throw the names in a hat and pick one.

(You can only win once a month.)

The deadline to get your answers in is: March 29, 2108. Midnight eastern time. 

Send your answers to: Jazz on the Tube “Who’s That Cat?” Test

– Ken McCarthy
Jazz on the Tube

Jamey Aebersold - You can improvise!
Carl Gerhard The Navy and Jazz

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