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Cuba is not just another country with music.

It’s nothing less than the Mother Ship of Afro-Latin music.

With its habanera, danzon, son, rumba, cha-cha-cha, timba and mambo forms, Cuba has been as important to world music as the United States has been with its blues, jazz and rock and roll.

But getting information about the Cuban jazz scene is … Read more

Ignacio Cervantes – “Danzas Cubanas”

Pianist Cuban-Canadian Beatriz Boizan performs selections from “Danzas Cubanas” (Cuban Dances) by Ignacio Cervantes (1847-1905)

Born in Cuba and raised in the eastern city of Baracoa, Boizan emigrated to Canada at 20.

If Cervantes’ music sounds reminiscent of Scott Joplin (1867/68-1917), the influence flowed in the opposite direction. Joplin was born 21 years after Cervantes into a world where Cuban … Read more

Charlie Palmieri teaches the kids

We discovered this gem in the middle of a documentary about Puerto Rican culture in New York.

The late great Charlie Palmieri (1927 – 1988) does what so many great musicians have done – and continue to do – over the years: teaching the next generation.

That’s why we have the great music we do.

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Mambo Potpourri

I was thinking of calling this one “What happens when money is invested in music education.” I was also thinking of calling it “The Universality of Afro-Cuban Music.”

You’re looking at the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra.

New Brunswick is a province in the country of Canada. It has less than a million people total and a good number of them … Read more

2017 Roberto Ocasio Latin Jazz Camp

A mambo version of from the Gym Scene of West Side Story performed by the students of the 2017 Roberto Ocasio Latin Jazz Camp directed by Bobby Sanabria.

Composed by Leonard Bernstein, arranged by Danny Rivera with additional arranging by Bobby.

The dancers are from the Cleveland Ballet.

Thanks to all the sponsors who made the camp and this performance … Read more