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More information about Steve Coleman is available at including a detailed biography, upcoming gigs and projects, music (which you can download for free), scores, essays and interviews.

Steve’s essay on Charlie Parker is must reading.

You can register here for free at and watch the trailer for … Read more

Sacred music spaces in Western Cuba

In January, March, and November of 2016, musician, musicologist, and author of “Cuba and its Music” Ned Sublette took groups to Cuba for intensive ten day in depth music tours.

It was billed as a road trip to sacred spaces in Western Cuba.

Attendees included musicians, producers, musicologists, scholars and others interested in Cuba’s culture, music and history.

I was … Read more

Is the door to Cuba closing again?

Trump speaking at the Bay of Pigs Museum in Little Havana

Trump speaking at the Bay of Pigs Museum in Little Havana

During the 2016 presidential campaign, President-elect Trump threatened to overturn every single one of President Obama’s executive orders.

Cuba was re-opened by executive order so if Trump is true to his word, the door to Cuba that was recently opened for Americans could be slammed shut again – by … Read more

Direct flights to Havana coming to an airport near you

The date is July 7, 2016.

History is being made.

For the first time in decades. the US Department of Transportation is permitting direct consumer flights to Havana.

The government of Cuba has not yet given the approvals on its end and the start dates are not even on the drawing board yet, but this is a very important step … Read more

US flights to Cuba: It’s on!


It’s kind of hard to get somewhere where there are no scheduled flights.

Charter flights to Cuba have existed for a while, but as anyone who has used them knows, the process is kind of a pain and expensive ($500 for the hour long flight from Miami.)

Now six US airlines have been approved by the Department of Transportation for … Read more