Ed Polcer: A life in jazz

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Musician, bandleader, music director, club owner, and educator, Ed Polcer has played with the greats, hosted the greats at his club Eddie Condon’s in New York City, programmed great jazz parties around the country, and now in addition to playing is enjoying introducing the next generation to the beautiful art of jazz.

Ed Polcer c.

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Paul Steinbeck: “Message to Our Folks”

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Paul Steinbeck, a musician and educator, (Assistant Professor of Music Theory at Washington University in St. Louis), covers one of the most intriguing bands in the history of American music.

Founded in Chicago in the “tumultuous” 60s, The Art Ensemble of Chicago carved out a space for itself in the notoriously conservative music industry that not … Read more

Artt Frank: Chet Baker’s Brother in Bebop

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“My whole philosophy of music is to build a spiritual unity in sound. If an audience becomes a part of that unity, if only for a few minutes, then I have accomplished what I have set out to do.

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Chris Walker and Prime Time (1986-1988) (interview)

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The phone rang. It was Ornette Coleman. He needed a bass player.

How bassist Chris Walker got thrown into the deep end of the Harmolodics pool, learned to swim, and had his life transformed.

You can follow Chris and his music here:

Chris Walker Music

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Dave Bryant: Plaid vs Spaghetti (1983-2000)

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Pianist Dave Bryant met Ornette in 1981 and in 1983 became his student auditing rehearsals of Prime Time at Rivington Street. He joined Prime Time in 1990 and was the pianist on Tone Dialing.

You can follow Dave’s work here:¬†dbryantmusic.com

Dave Bryant in 1999

Released September 26,

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