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This is the fifty ninth in a series of special Jazz on the Tube reviews of live stream performances.

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Adi Meyerson was born in San Francisco but grew up in Jerusalem.

She moved to New York in 2012, studying at the New School where she graduated in 2014.

The bassist has worked with many top musicians in NY including Joel Frahm, Joe Magnarelli, Steve Nelson, and Charli Persip, recording with pianist-singer Champian Fulton, and heading her own group since 2016; she led her first album in 2017, Where We Stand.

On her LiveStream from June 26, 2020, Adi Meyerson plays a thoughtful five-minute unaccompanied solo (“For All The Ones I Love But Can’t Protect”) that at times hints at Ornette Coleman’s “Lonely Woman.”

Next, her quartet’s recording of “Caged Bird” is matched with colorful visuals from 1967 by a Japanese artist; the alto-saxophonist is strong and Meyerson contributes a vocal along with her bass playing.

The talented bassist’s LiveStream concludes as it began, unaccompanied as she performs her “I Want To Sing My Heart Out In Praise Of Life.”

-Scott Yanow

Archived streams

June 26, 2020

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