FoodMusicJustice has been helping two New Orleans-based organizations with technical and promotional help: and CHAT (th Citizens Road Home Action Team.) is making sure that the world knows that it was the failure of federally built and maintained levees that caused the destruction of New Orleans.

CHAT has been working to make the the “Road Home” program, which is supposed to assist the people of Louisiana rebuild their homes, works.

So far, the government’s Road Home program has been a disaster…massive red tape and insane delays on the local level and serious underfunding on the federal level.

CHAT has been applying pressure on both points.

A citizen’s survey helped which we designed and hosted for CHAT helped demonstrate that the program is not doing its job. We also produced the web campaign that put pressure on Congress to properly fund the rebuilding program.

Last Thursday, Congress voted to release an additional $3 billion.

To keep up with CHAT, click here: Citizens Road Home Action Team

Still waiting for FEMA does it again

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