One of the big challenges New Orleans needs to get a handle on – and fast – is violent crime.

It’s not that the culture of New Orleans is more violent than any other city in America. The problem is that it’s criminal justice system is broken – badly. On the one hand, you have citizens with minor offenses often being treated quite badly by police. On the other hand, you have a core of violent career criminals who receive revolving door treatment.

A local group, Citizens for 1 Greater New Orleans are tackling the problem. Here’s a letter they sent yesterday to their members:
Dear Citizens for 1 Supporters,

Today, we announce our Criminal Justice Reform Initiative with a coalition of Regional Businesses and Civic Organizations.

The Business Council of New Orleans, Common Good, Citizens For 1 Greater New Orleans, Metropolitan Crime Commission, New Orleans Police & Justice Foundation, New Orleans Regional Black Chamber of Commerce, Metropolitan Convention & Visitors Bureau, Jefferson Business Council, Bridgehouse, Young Leadership Council, New Orleans Chamber of Commerce, Urban League of Greater New Orleans and Crimestoppers have come together as a coalition urging city leaders to focus the resources of the police, prosecution and judicial system on convicting and incarcerating career criminals in New Orleans.

Together we can make a difference,

Citizens for 1 Greater New Orleans
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