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This is the one hundred fifty-second in a series of special Jazz on the Tube reviews of live stream performances.

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A jazz singer, keyboardist and dancer, Goussy Célestin has a beautiful and friendly voice along with a vivid imagination.

Having studied with Ron Carter, Jimmy Heath, Max Roach, Donald Byrd, Barry Harris, Sheila Jordan and with several dance instructors, she works regularly in New York and the East Coast with a variety of groups; a highlight or her was performing duets with the late pianist John Hicks.

On her LiveStream from May 6, 2020, at first Goussy Celestin playfully pretends to be playing her quilt, singing a different note for each color that she dances on.

​She next creates a choir via electronics on an infectious rhythmic piece, plays keyboard on one number which includes a short vocal, and then gives viewers a fine example of her jazz piano playing, wrapping up a spontaneous and solid all-round performance.

– Scott Yanow

Archived streams

May 06, 2020

April 05, 2020

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