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This is the thirty second in a series of special Jazz on the Tube reviews of live stream performances.

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A fine jazz singer-songwriter, Halie Loren was born in Sitka, Alaska, lives in Oregon, and since 2008 has recorded at least 11 albums.

She has a warm voice, writes expressive lyrics, and sounds very much at home accompanying herself on piano.

Halie Loren has recorded a long series of Livestreams.

On the Livestream from April 15, 2020 she performs her original “Pieces Of Me,” a song by the recently deceased songwriter John Prine, takes a ballad a capella, and also performs several of her other originals, telling the story behind the songs.

It is a mellow set of music performed with the informality of a living room concert, which it actually is; her charm and beautiful voice make this a fine performance.

– Scott Yanow

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