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This is the one hundred fifty-seventh in a series of special Jazz on the Tube reviews of live stream performances.

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Jacques Lesure has been a longtime fixture in the Los Angeles area, playing straight ahead jazz guitar in a soulful and fresh style that appeals to those listeners who enjoy Wes Montgomery and early George Benson.

Originally from Detroit, he has worked with such notables as Jimmy Smith, Pharoah Sanders, Carmen Lundy, Paula West and James Brown.

On his LiveStream from Nov. 13, 2020, Lesure leads his group MUFO (which means “groove” in Swahili), a quartet that also includes keyboardist Pete Kuzma (who often emulates an organ), drummer Marvin “Smitty” Smith, and Christian Moraga on congas.

Starting with a minor-toned straight ahead blues and continuing with other songs that have the bluesy and soulful flavor of the mid-1960s, Jacques Lesure and MUFO perform high-quality soul jazz that indeed grooves.

– Scott Yanow

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April 05, 2020

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