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This is the thirtieth in a series of special Jazz on the Tube reviews of live stream performances.

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When Joey DeFrancesco burst upon the scene in the 1980s, the Hammond B3 organ was on the verge of near-extinction in jazz, having been completely overshadowed by the rise of the electric piano and synthesizer.

However DeFrancesco, who was originally strongly influenced by Jimmy Smith, was a bright, new and very energetic voice on the organ, one whose enthusiasm and obvious virtuosity helped lead his instrument to make a major comeback; he has been a popular attraction ever since.

Although he normally leads a trio or quartet, Joey DeFrancesco is such a dominant force on his instrument that he really does not need any other musicians in order to put on an impressive performance.

From Mar. 29, 2020, this Livestream gives one a rare opportunity to watch Joey DeFrancesco close up as he plays creative versions of blues, ballads and lesser-known standards (plus “Sunny”) with his usual brilliance.

– Scott Yanow

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March 29, 2020

June 18, 2020

You can follow Joey DeFrancesco.

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