On his recent “we’re doing a great job” visit to New Orleans, George Bush gave a speech in which he admitted the levees were a federal responsibility.

Given that Bush is now “The Decider” and the Supreme Leader of the former republic known as the United States, his word is instant law.

By making this remark, Bush assumed total moral and legal liability on behalf of the federal government for the destruction of the homes, property and livelihoods of several hundred thousand New Orleanians.

Case closed.

The only challenge is getting the good news to all the right wing wackos (and US Congressmen) who still insist that the federal government has done “all it can” for New Orleans and are blocking the rebuilding funds.

When you get behind the wheel of a car blind drunk and coked up (something this President has first hand experience with) and run someone over, there is no end to your liability.

Similarly, when you knowingly fail to maintain mission critical infrastructure that you’ve taken in ample tax dollars for and your willfull negligence causes the death of over 1,000 people and the destruction of 80% of a major American city, you haven’t done “all you can” until:

1. Every levee is properly rebuilt to the 100 year storm standard

2. Every flood damaged home, business and school is rebuilt at federal expense

3. Everyone who lost income and possessions (and loved ones) is made whole.

Now here’s the challenge…

Bush admitted the federal government’s liability once, it appeared on TV the day he said it, and the video has never been broadcast again.

Do you have a video copy of his speech where he said this?

Or, failing that, do you know exactly when this speech was broadcast and on what channel so we can buy a copy from a news clipping service? If you don’t have the answer to this question, can you research it and let us know find out or explain to us how to do the research.


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