From Gordon Soderberg

I will be in the Lower Ninth Ward August 28th and 29th to clear debris and mow the weeds with my John Deere Tractor from lots that are being threatened with seizure via the New Orleans “Good Neighbor Plan”

If any of you would like to help, bring your weed eaters and mowers to Tennessee St. in the Lower Ninth Ward, drive toward the lake.

You will see the big green tractor clearing lots of the remaining debris. I’ll show you which lots we cleared and which ones are ready to be worked on.

The city is fining property owners for not cutting their grass, regardless of the fact that they are either living in another state because they have been systematically prevented from returning or are physically unable to do the work.

The city is not doing anything to mitigate the health risks residents who have returned face from mosquitoes and rats that breed in these conditions. Nor does the city keep the properties they already have under control.

So why are is the city trying to take over more property? Certainly not to reduce the blight or the health risks to the residents.

I’m going to be there to demonstrate how a few people can make a real difference, and that the community can rebuild if only we pull together our resources and spend a little time to be a Good Neighbor!

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