Adonis Panter Calderón (r-d) and Jorge Calderón Bolfil (l-i) work out on the tumbadores and a cajon

Aguale means “to fake” so I guess this is “no faking” like the English word from the Latin sin-cere “no wax”, in other words not a copy.

Video from the Youtube channel atticcrhis – filmed in Havana 2011

Christian Liebich founder of Attic Independent Production.

Adonis Panter Calderón was was musical director of the group “Yoruba Andabo” and now leads the group “Adonis y Osain del Monte.’

He and Christian collaborated on the documentary “The Black Roots of Salsa.”


Adonis Panter Calderón
Berto Borrayo Calderón
Lazaro Ipolito Calderón
Ipolito Calderón
Barbaro Crespo Calderón


Adonis Panter Calderón – Quinto, 3/2
Berto Borrayo Calderón – Canto
Lazaro Ipolito Calderón – Claves
Ipolito Calderón – Cucharas
Barbaro Crespo Calderón (Machito) – Tumbador, Cajon

– Ken McCarthy
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