We love jazz and we love jazz musicians.

Unfortunately, our landlord and grocer – being the philistines they are – only deal in this thing called money.

Much as we would like to create a page for every worthy musician, our core work keeps our hands full and our bank account tapped and making new pages and maintaining them costs real money.

The solution?

You can sponsor a page for the artist you want to see on the site.

Three ways to do it

Option #1 – You find a video for your artist on YouTube and we will write it up, create the page, and host it on Jazz on the Tube.

Even more important we will include the link in the birthday mailing every year on his or her birthday – in perpetuity.  $35.00

Option #2 –  Leave everything up to us. We’ll find the video, write it up, create the page, host it and send a birthday email for him or her every year – in perpetuity.  $50.00

Option #3 – We will do everything, as in option #2, and we will also put a link to your artist’s site or store. A permanent link on Jazz on the Tube pointing to your artist’s site or store is a big value to them. $100.000

You have the choice of having your name on the page as the sponsor of the page or of being anonymous.

You can also dedicate the page to a colleague, friend or loved one.

Example:  This page dedicated to the memory of Joani McCarthy.

What’s the next step?

Decide which option you want to go with and contact us. Write to: contact@jazzonthetube.com

– Ken McCarthy
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