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Jazz on the Tube just released its first book with plans for many more.

Thanks to all our supporters who made this book and future book projects possible.

We started the series with a focus on New Orleans for three reasons:

1. Historically, it is one of the KEY birthplaces of American music – jazz, blues, R&B, funk, and more

2. Its music tradition is very deep and very much alive to a degree that even many jazz musicians don’t fully appreciate

3. Musicians were the heroes who led the heroic effort to rebuild the city after its catastrophic flood in 2005. The greatest story never told – until now.

Please get it, please review it on Amazon, and please spread the word.


– Ken “Lester Perkins” McCarthy

– Ken McCarthy
Jazz on the Tube

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New Orleans poet in the UK
"We ain't dead yet" - Chuck Perkins in New Orleans