Martin Cohen, Latin Percussion and Congahead

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Ken McCarthy talks with Martin Cohen

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Making the first bongo drum

A conga accident that led to a success

How Latin Percussion got its endorsement


Click here to visit Martin Cohen’s Congahead channel

– Ken McCarthy
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Remembering Machito

Machito’s son, percussionist and bandleader Mario Grillo, recalls the details of his father and his work in a touching and entertaining way.

Lots to learn from this narrative.

Machito and his Afro-Cubans perform for a live studio audience in Japan. The beautiful manners of Japan and Latin America meet.

– Ken McCarthy
Jazz on the Tube

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Things missing from the historical record

Scholars are all about paper.

If it’s not on paper, it didn’t happen.

This presents are problem for future scholarship on the subject of Afro-Cuban and Latin jazz.

There’s a similar scholarship problem in the area of contributions of Gaelic to American English for the same reason.

In both cases, the people involved were so busy with the challenges of … Read more

Cándido Camero and Bobby Sananbria

Two great gentleman percussionists talking about the fine points of the art.

Cándido Camero is the most recorded conga player in jazz history.

In this interview, Bobby Sananbria interviews him about Cándido’s life in Cuba and New York City and the innovations he brought to percussion.

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International Jazz Day – Havana 2017

This year’s headquarters for International Jazz Day is Havana.

With extensive detective work, we managed to find the program.

You can download the English language version here

Lots of interesting stuff, but the thing that jumped out at me more than anything else is this:

On 11 AM on Thursday and Friday (April 27 & 28 respectively) there will be … Read more