Ornette playing my violin c. 1985

Ornette’s violin was stolen in a robbery at the Rivington Street school. I lent him mine with a Barcus Berry pickup and he liked it.

– Ken McCarthy
Jazz on the Tube

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Ornette’s boyhood career

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Within months of picking up the saxophone, Ornette was a working musicians in some of the scariest dives in Fort Worth, bringing home much needed money for his family whose father, a baseball player and singer, died when Ornette was seven.

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Ornette’s Big Score

I just discovered (July 28, 2019) that unbeknownst to me, I was responsible for what was very likely the biggest payday Ornette ever had in is life. Maybe the biggest payday any jazzman got ever.

To hear the details of the story – minus the revelation of the surprise payday – click here: “Bowery, Rivington, and Revival”

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Ornette – Deep from the Heart of Texas

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Avant-garde genius or one of many Master Musicians who sprung from the earth of one of the most fertile musical cradles the world has ever seen?

Of course, Ornette is both.

In this unique podcast we focus on what others have ignored: How Ornette comes straight from the big open musical heart of Texas.

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Ornette’s Artists House loft on Prince Street

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Ornette’s Prince Street experience (Artists House, the space – not the label) was very important to him. Being removed from that creative space was traumatic. His purchase of the Rivington Street school building in December of 1980 was motivated by a desire to recreate and expand on his original Artists House concept.

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