Ray Barretto – Canto Abacua – 1975

Filmed in 1975.

Ray Barretto with vocalists Humberto “Tito” Gómez and and Rubén Blades. Composition by Rubén Blades.

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Se escucha el sonar de tambores
Anuncian la misa pa’l que tenga fe
Y en medio de la noche oscura
Avanzan los fieles con rumbo al bemb

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Welcome to Jazz on the Tube

Jazz on the Tube is a daily (or weekly if you choose) jazz video delivery service.

We screen, select, annotate and deliver great jazz videos to tens of thousands of fans all over the world including many jazz educators and fledgling young artists every day of the week.

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Meet Mamboso.net

Salsa Meets Jazz at the Village Gate…

One of the great shining episodes of American music history came to an abrupt end in 1993 when the Village Gate could not maintain in the ferocious Manhattan real estate market (such is the fate of so many creative venues in NYC.) . 

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Get ready for the Jazz Cruise – Winter 2019

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Check out the line up for the 2019 winter cruise while there are still seats to be had: TheJazzCruise.com

Earlier this year, I had the great good fortune to go on this cruise. 

Not only is this the greatest jazz festival at sea, it’s one of the great jazz festivals of the world. Period. 

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Ornette’s Artists House loft on Prince Street

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Ornette’s Prince Street experience (Artists House, the space – not the label) was very important to him. Being removed from that creative space was traumatic. His purchase of the Rivington Street school building in December of 1980 was motivated by a desire to recreate and expand on his original Artists House concept.

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