If you’re looking for a great time to visit Havana, keep your eyes open for the Fiesta del Tambor which takes place every March.

This festival literally offers more music at more locations than any mere mortal could possibly absorb.

I focused on three of the five venues, all of which are relatively close to each other: The Riviera Hotel (you’ve seen fragments of some of the jazz sessions there), Teatro Malla and Jardin de Teatro Malla.

The first four videos are from the Jardin (the garden.)

The last one is from a stage show inside the theater.

Proyecto Mujeres de la Rumba takes the stage.

In Cuba it’s not a surprise to see an audience member join in with complete knowledge of the moves and songs.

Los Papines, a decades old rumba group in its latest form

More from Los Papines

In Cuba, everybody dances: Alain Perez and friends

Keep in mind there was a different stage show at the Mella every night of the Festival and two rumba groups in the garden afterwards every night.

In spite of these musical riches, not everything interesting took place in a theater or garden or as part of the Festival.

Here’s what I stumbled across at a kid’s basketball tournament.

– Ken McCarthy
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Havana: March 2017 – Taking it to the streets
Havana: March 2017 – Cuban women in jazz

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