Camilo Moreira – Jazz educator in Havana

Camilo Moreira our heroic educator in Havana

Jazz has been in Cuba for almost as long as jazz has existed. In fact, Cuban music was one of the contributors to the formation of jazz in its earliest years. (See Jelly Roll Morton’s comment on the essential role of the “Spanish tinge” in achieving the jazz feel.)

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Steve Coleman and

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For further study:

More information about Steve Coleman is available at including a detailed biography, upcoming gigs and projects, music (which you can download for free), scores, essays and interviews.

Steve’s essay on Charlie Parker is must reading.

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Bobby Sanabria, Latin Jazz and Our Beloved Bronx

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I say OUR beloved Bronx because the Bronx is a cultural treasure that all Americans can be proud of.

In this wide ranging and fascinating conversation, Bobby Sanabria talks about the state of jazz education, the historic and ongoing contribution to jazz by Latin music and musicians, and the history of the Bronx, one of … Read more

Latin Jazz is Booming. Look Beyond the Grammys to Find It.

Giovanni Russonello shines a light on two things we’ve been writing about a lot in recent years:

The sublime pleasures of Latin Jazz and the incredible new generation of players and composers who merit a lot more attention than they are currently getting.

This appeared in today’s (February 11, 2017) New York Times:

  • Latin Jazz is Booming. Look Beyond the

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    Horns to Havana in New Orleans – January 2017

    New Orleans and Havana have a long history together.

    For a while (1762 to 1802) when Louisiana (“Luisiana” in Spanish) was a Spanish holding, New Orleans was administered by Havana and the Spanish left behind many beautiful buildings.

    Much of the French Quarter was actually built by the Cubans after a catastrophic fire destroyed most of the old city in … Read more