West Side Story Reimagined

Composed by Leonard Bernstein for Broadway 60 years ago, West Side Story has proven to be one of the 20th century’s most durable musical creations.

This March 17, 2018, Bobby Sanabria’s Multiverse, made up of some of the finest musicians working in New York City today, will be performing a “reimagined” version of the work’s timeless melodies using the … Read more

A Night in Havana Dizzy Gillespie in Cuba

In 1985, on his second trip to Havana, Dizzy Gillespie was accompanied by a documentary film crew.

The resulting film “A Night in Havana: Dizzy Gillespie in Cuba” captures Dizzy’s spirit like few other films.

The film includes beautifully shot concert footage of his performance at Havana’s Fifth International Jazz Festival, his adventures touring Havana and his reflections on Afro-Cuban … Read more

Eddie Palmieri and Sabiduría

Bad news: The performance series referred to in this interview has come and gone.

Good news: Brian Pace does a great job capturing what you missed and weaves the music together with illuminating conversation with the maestro.

If you don’t already know the music of Eddie Palmieri, now’s the time to get acquainted with him.

If you do know him, … Read more

Harlem River Drive Eddie Palmieri

This week, we’ll be paying special attention to Eddie Palmieri who is entering his 80th year this year.

An ardent student of Afro-Cuban music, his career in music extends over 60 years.

Here’s the story of one of his many masterpieces – Harlem River Drive.

Harlem River Drive Revisited – Live in New York (2016)

– Ken McCarthy
Jazz on … Read more

Salsa Meets Jazz – Part 8 – Candido

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Cándido de Guerra Camero was born April 21, 1921 in Havana, Cuba, which makes him 96 and half years old (and one day) on the day of this recording.

Cándido is the most recorded conga player in the history of jazz having appeared on well over 1,000 … Read more