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Avant-garde genius or one of many Master Musicians who sprung from the earth of one of the most fertile musical cradles the world has ever seen?

Of course, Ornette is both.

In this unique podcast we focus on what others have ignored: How Ornette comes straight from the big open musical heart of Texas.

Move over Brazil, Cuba, New Orleans…Texas is in the house.


Three misspeaks

1. “Captain Dyett”

2. “When Ornette worked Silas Green”

3. Eddie Durham wore his hair long and braided in a Native American style as a child, but probably cut it long before becoming an adult. (In addition to being of Afro-American, Mexican and Irish ancestry, Durham’s mother was of Cherokee descent and his father of Mohawk. His first language as a child was Spanish.)

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– Ken McCarthy
Jazz on the Tube

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