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Each artist gets his or her own profile page with relevant info: upcoming streams, archived streams, donation button for artist, info on how to follow the artist, link to artists’ stores.

Musicians: We will add you to this list if you submit your information in a clear format we can use – Directions on how to submit a listing here

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1. spread the word
2. attend the live-streams
3. buy directly from the artists and pay them for their performances just like a regular concert

Click here for the Daily Calendar of Live-Streams

Cheers to Jon Cleary for being so early out of the gate (March 17, 2020)

Click here: Jon Cleary – New Orleans

Click here: Jon Cleary teaches piano!

Straight from the heart of New Orleans

Click here: Glen David Andrews and Friends from Treme

The Mother-in-Law Lounge – New Orleans

Click here: Kermit Ruffin and the BBQ Swingers

Mad props to the tech and production wizards of Seattle 

Click here: Live at Vito’s – Seattle

Sharón Clark Quartet

Click here: Sharón Clark Quartet

Shakers and Bakers

Click here: Shakers and Bakers

Keith Davis

Click here: Keith Davis

Fred Hersch Music

Click Here: Fred Hersch

Lafayette Harris, Jr

Click Here: Lafayette Harris, Jr

Seth & Will Kibel, Live from the Basement!

Click Here: Seth Kibel

Jane Bunnett and Maqueque

Click Here: Jane Bunnett

Sammy Miller and The Congregation

Click Here: Sammy Miller and The Congregation


Click Here: Swinghouse

Yoko Miwa

Click Here: Yoko Miwa

Emily Kuhn/Kitt Lyles Duo

Click Here: Emily Kuhn/Kitt Lyles Duo

Nicole Zuraitis Music

Click Here: Nicole Zuraitis

Jason Marsalis

Click Here: Jason Marsalis

Julius Rodriguez

Click Here: Julius Rodriguez

Dou Caliente

Click Here: Dou Caliente 

Sherma C. Andrews

Click Here: Sherma C. Andrews

Becca Stevens

Click Here: Becca Stevens

David Liebman

Click Here: David Liebman

Shayna Steele

Click Here: Shayna Steele

Julian Lage and Margaret Glaspy

Click Here: Julian Lage and Margaret Glaspy

Christian McBride & Melissa Walker

Click Here: Christian McBride & Melissa Walker

Adam & Matt Podd

Click Here: Adam & Matt Podd

Joe Lovano

Click Here: Joe Lovano

Michael Mayo

Click Here: Michael Mayo

Bill Frisell

Click Here: Bill Frisell

Jake & Kate Goldbas

Click Here: Jake & Kate Goldbas


Click Here: Ganavya

Chick Corea

Click Here: Chick Corea

Fabian Almazan & Linda Oh

Click Here: Fabian Almazan & Linda Oh

Adam Rogers

Click Here: Adam Rogers

Elad Kabilio

Click Here: Elad Kabilio

Goussy Celestin

Click Here: Goussy Celestin

Ethan Helm & Owen Broder

Click Here: Ethan Helm & Owen Broder

Christos & Irini Rafalides

Click Here: Christos & Irini Rafalides

Nolan Byrd & Sirintip

Click Here: Nolan Byrd & Sirintip

Tali Rubinstein

Click Here: Tali Rubinstein

John Patitucci

Click Here: John Patitucci

Brandee Younger & Dezron Douglas

Click Here: Brandee Younger & Dezron Douglas

Yotam Silberstein

Click Here: Yotam Silberstein

Gary Lucas

Click Here: Gary Lucas

Kristen Strom and Scott Sorkin

Click Here: Kristen Strom and Scott Sorkin

Alexis Cole

Click Here: Alexis Cole

Gabrielle Stravelli

Click Here: Gabrielle Stravelli

Sullivan Fortner

Click Here: Sullivan Fortner


Click Here: ColaJazz

Emmet Cohen

Click Here: Emmet Cohen

Jacques Lesure

Click Here: Jacques Lesure

Kim Nalley 

Click Here: Kim Nalley

Tammy Hall

Click Here: Tammy Hall

Lilan Kane

Click Here: Lilan Kane

Roberto Fonseca

Click Here: Roberto Fonseca

Ted Rosenthal

Click Here: Ted Rosenthal

Tom Grant

Click Here: Tom Grant

Fred Hughes

Click Here: Fred Hughes

Joey DeFrancesco

Click Here: Joey DeFrancesco

Kevin Hays

Click Here: Kevin Hays

Bob James

Click Here: Bob James

Jimmy Bruno Jazz Trio

Click Here: Jimmy Bruno Jazz Trio

Halie Loren

Click Here: Halie Loren

Hermann’s Jazz Club

Click Here: Hermann’s Jazz Club

Ben Williams

Click Here: Ben Williams

Miguel Zenón

Click Here: Miguel Zenón

Ann Hampton Callaway

Click Here: Ann Hampton Callaway

Mike del Ferro

Click Here: Mike del Ferro

Allan Harris

Click Here: Allan Harris

The Gin Joints Band

Click Here: The Gin Joints Band

Shane Shanahan

Click Here: Shane Shanahan

Evan Christopher & Clarinet Road

Click Here: Evan Christopher & Clarinet Road

Layale Chaker

Click Here: Layale Chaker

Brinae Ali & Sean Jones

Click Here: Brinae Ali & Sean Jones

Mingus Mondays Live!

Click Here: Mingus Mondays Live!

Camille Bertault

Click Here: Camille Bertault

Stephane Wrembel

Click Here: Stephane Wrembel

Erik Lawrence

Click Here: Erik Lawrence

Maud Hixson

Click Here: Maud Hixson

Kev Choice

Click Here: Kev Choice

Vijay Iyer

Click Here: Vijay Iyer

Mads Tolling

Click Here: Mads Tolling

Vermont Jazz Center

Click Here: Vermont Jazz Center

Nanny Assis

Click Here: Nanny Assis

Christian Sands

Click Here: Christian Sands

Alphonso Horne

Click Here: Alphonso Horne

Amy D

Click Here: Amy D

Lulufest 2020

Click Here: Lulufest 2020

Hogans Brothers

Click Here: Hogans Brothers

Jazz Slam with Mari Mennel-Bell

Click Here: Jazz Slam with Mari Mennel-Bell

Gunhild Carling

Click Here: Gunhild Carling

Lisa Hoppe

Click Here: Lisa Hoppe

Quiana Lynell

Click Here: Quiana Lynell

Big Sam

Click Here: Big Sam

Monty Alexander

Click Here: Monty Alexander

Nicholas Payton Trio

Click Here: Nicholas Payton Trio

Percussion Discussion

Click Here: Percussion Discussion

Bobby Sanabria

Click Here: Bobby Sanabria

Jorge Vazquez

Click Here: Jorge Vazquez

Bronx Music @ Home Concert

Click Here: Bronx Music @ Home Concert

Stella Heath

Click Here: Stella Heath

Helen Sung

Click Here: Helen Sung

Jonathan Michel

Click Here: Jonathan Michel

Satoko Fujii & Natsuki Tamura

Click Here: Satoko Fujii & Natsuki Tamura

Jean Rohe

Click Here: Jean Rohe

Dan Nimmer

Click Here: Dan Nimmer

Camille Thurman

Click Here: Camille Thurman

Noa Fort

Click Here: Noa Fort

Santiago Leibson

Click Here: Santiago Leibson

Maurice Brown

Click Here: Maurice Brown


Click Here: Elew

Harold López-Nussa

Click Here: Harold López-Nussa

Julian Shore

Click Here: Julian Shore

Kate Baker & Dave Stryker

Click Here: Kate Baker & Dave Stryker

Duo Laroo/Byrd

Click Here: Duo Laroo/Byrd

Joey Alexander

Click Here: Joey Alexander

Chris Coles

Click Here: Chris Coles

Zaccai Curtis

Click Here: Zaccai Curtis

Joe Alterman

Click Here: Joe Alterman

Ivan Neville

Click Here: Ivan Neville

Endea Owens

Click Here: Endea Owens

Ludovica Burtone

Click Here: Ludovica Burtone

Maikel Vistel

Click Here: Maikel Vistel

Manel Fortia

Click Here: Manel Fortia

Frédéric Yonnet

Click Here: Frédéric Yonnet

Peter Collins

Click Here: Peter Collins

Jon Regen

Click Here: Jon Regen

Joel Ross

Click Here: Joel Ross

Ron Carter

Click Here: Ron Carter

Mofana Morojele

Click Here: Mofana Morojele

Chris Pattishall

Click Here: Chris Pattishall

Alexis Morrast

Click Here: Alexis Morrast

Bam Bam Rodriguez

Click Here: Bam Bam Rodriguez

Donald Harrison

Click Here: Donald Harrison

Keyon Harrold

Click Here: Keyon Harrold

Zeshan B.

Click Here: Zeshan B.

Simona Premazzi

Click Here: Simona Premazzi

Jaleel Shaw

Click Here: Jaleel Shaw

Marcus Miller

Click Here: Marcus Miller

Felix Pastorius

Click Here: Felix Pastorius

Aubrey Johnson

Click Here: Aubrey Johnson

Claudia Acuña

Click Here: Claudia Acuña 

Karrin Allyson

Click Here: Karrin Allyson

James Murray

Click Here: James Murray

Damani Rhodes

Click Here: Damani Rhodes

Evan Shay

Click Here: Evan Shay

Paul Robertson

Click Here: Paul Robertson

Eric Alexander

Click Here: Eric Alexander

Will Calhoun

Click Here: Will Calhoun

Aneesa Strings

Click Here: Aneesa Strings

Bobby Broom

Click Here: Bobby Broom

Dave King

Click Here: Dave King

Yaniv Taubenhouse

Click Here: Yaniv Taubenhouse

Orrin Evans

Click Here: Orrin Evans

Reggie Pace

Click Here: Reggie Pace

Tomoko Omura & Glenn Zaleski

Click Here: Tomoko Omura & Glenn Zaleski

Anthony Taddeo

Click Here: Anthony Taddeo

Débora Watts

Click Here: Débora Watts

Sean Mason

Click Here: Sean Mason

Angèle Anise

Click Here: Angèle Anise

Eric Harland

Click Here: Eric Harland 

David Bertrand

Click Here: David Bertrand

Paul Carr

Click Here: Paul Carr

Rob Clearfield

Click Here: Rob Clearfield

Arturo Sandoval

Click Here: Arturo Sandoval

DJ Logic

Click Here: DJ Logic

Marta Sanchez

Click Here: Marta Sanchez

Caleb Curtis

Click Here: Caleb Curtis

Carmen Lundy

Click Here: Carmen Lundy

Tania Grubbs

Click Here: Tania Grubbs

Victor Goines

Click Here: Victor Goines

Nick Dunston

Click Here: Nick Dunston

Leo Pellegrino

Click Here: Leo Pellegrino

Adam Deitch

Click Here: Adam Deitch

Victory Boyd

Click Here: Victory Boyd

Bria Skonberg

Click here: Bria Skonberg

Geoff Keezer

Click here: Geoff Keezer

Jorge Vistel

Click here: Jorge Vistel

The Eric Byrd Trio

Click here: The Eric Byrd Trio

Mason Razavi

Click here: Mason Razavi

Misha Piatigorsky

Click here: Misha Piatigorsky

Roman Filiu

Click here: Roman Filiu

Taylor Eigsti

Click here: Taylor Eigsti

Igor Butman

Click here: Igor Butman

Marcus Johnson

Click here: Marcus Johnson

Mike Blankenship

Click here: Mike Blankenship

Grace Kelly

Click here: Grace Kelly 

Albert Marques

Click here: Albert Marques

Sivan Arbel

Click here: Sivan Arbel

Denise Renee

Click here: Denise Renee 

Mark Whitfield

Click here: Mark Whitfield 

Patrick Breiner

Click here: Patrick Breiner

Alexa Tarantino

Click here: Alexa Tarantino

Corey A. Wallace

Click here: Corey A. Wallace

Warren Wolf

Click here: Warren Wolf

Dan Tepfer

Click here: Dan Tepfer

Eisenmann & Gustavo D’Amico Duo

Click here: Eisenmann & Gustavo D’Amico Duo

Jimmy Greene

Click here: Jimmy Greene

Mark Morganelli

Click here: Mark Morganelli

Jonathan Scales

Click here: Jonathan Scales

A Bu

Click here: A Bu

Grégoire Maret

Click here: Grégoire Maret

Salieu Suso

Click here: Salieu Suso

Royal Bengal Tea House

Click here: Royal Bengal Tea House

Acute Inflections

Click here: Acute Inflections

Bodoma Garifuna Culture Band

Click here: Bodoma Garifuna Culture Band

Rachel Kara Perez

Click here: Rachel Kara Perez

Leonor Falcón & Juanma Trujillo

Click here: Leonor Falcón & Juanma Trujillo

Alex Pryrodny

Click here: Alex Pryrodny

Christopher Turner

Click here: Christopher Turner

Norka Hernandez Nada (Bámbula)

Click here: Norka Hernandez Nada (Bámbula)

Dr. Michael White

Click here: Dr. Michael White

Aruán Ortiz

Click here: Aruán Ortiz

J. Hoard

Click here: J. Hoard

Jarrett Cherner

Click here: Jarrett Cherner

Kandace Springs

Click here: Kandace Springs

Luis Perdomo

Click here: Luis Perdomo

Michel Camilo

Click here: Michel Camilo

Mike Dillon

Click here: Mike Dillon

Steve Washington

Click here: Steve Washington

The Eric Scott Trio

Click here: The Eric Scott Trio

The Shook/Russo Quartet

Click here: The Shook/Russo Quartet

Tracy Cruz

Click here: Tracy Cruz

Jason Palmer

Click here: Jason Palmer

Antonio Parker

Click here: Antonio Parker

Chico Pinheiro

Click here: Chico Pinheiro

Harry Appelman

Click here: Harry Appelman

Michelle Marie Osbourne

Click here: Michelle Marie Osbourne

Roberta Piket & Billy Mintz

Click here: Roberta Piket & Billy Mintz

Romero Lubambo

Click here: Romero Lubambo

Tracey Yarad

Click here: Tracey Yarad

Avishai Cohen

Click here: Avishai Cohen

Sammy Figueroa

Click Here: Sammy Figueroa

Daru Jones

Click here: Daru Jones

Javier Santiago

Click here: Javier Santiago

JJA Jazz Awards 2020

Click here: JJA Jazz Awards 2020

Kate McGarry & Keith Ganz

Click here: Kate McGarry & Keith Ganz

Nikki Yanofsky

Click here: Nikki Yanofsky

Sasha Masakowski

Click here: Sasha Masakowski

Wayne Escoffery

Click here: Wayne Escoffery

Bokani Dyer Trio

Click here: Bokani Dyer Trio

Emilie Lesbros

Click here: Emilie Lesbros

Lucianna Padmore

Click here: Lucianna Padmore

Daniela Soledade and Nate Najar Duo

Click here: Daniela Soledade and Nate Najar Duo

Dawn Clement

Click here: Dawn Clement

Yuko Mabuchi

Click here: Yuko Mabuchi

Vinicius Cantuária

Click here: Vinicius Cantuária

Raf Vertessen

Click here: Raf Vertessen

Maria Zollo

Click here: Maria Zollo

Allyn Johnson

Click here: Allyn Johnson

Earl Brooks Jr.

Click here: Earl Brooks Jr.

Gabriel Guerrero

Click here: Gabriel Guerrero

Michael Olatuja

Click here: Michael Olatuja

Benny Benack III

Click here: Benny Benack III

Gib Veconi

Click here: Gib Veconi

Valerie Capers

Click here: Valerie Capers

Adi Meyerson

Click here: Adi Meyerson

Akua Allrich

Click here: Akua Allrich

David Berkman 

Click here: David Berkman

Oscar Peñas

Click here: Oscar Peñas

Lessie Vonner

Click here: Lessie Vonner

Richie Goods

Click here: Richie Goods

José André

Click here: José André

Gina Roche

Click here: Gina Roche

Delfeayo Marsalis

Click here: Delfeayo Marsalis

Loston Harris

Click here: Loston Harris

Paul Mayers

Click here: Paul Mayers

Mimi Jones

Click here: Mimi Jones

Chiara Izzi

Click here: Chiara Izzi

Daniel Zamir & Nitzan Bar

Click here: Daniel Zamir & Nitzan Bar

Kathleen Grace

Click here: Kathleen Grace

Don Braden

Click here: Don Braden

Mariel Bildsten

Click here: Mariel Bildsten

Fabrizio Sotti

Click here: Fabrizio Sotti

Herlin Riley

Click here: Herlin Riley

Joanna Wallfisch

Click here: Joanna Wallfisch

JC Smith

Click here: JC Smith

The Noah Young Band

Click here: The Noah Young Band

Ourida and Jeff Miles

Click here: Ourida and Jeff Miles

The Ralph Paterson Trio

Click here: The Ralph Paterson Trio

Charnett Moffett

Click here: Charnett Moffett

Jana Herzen

Click here: Jana Herzen

The Pan American Symphony Orchestra

Click here: The Pan American Symphony Orchestra

Ineke Vandoorn and Marc van Vugt Duo

Click here: Ineke Vandoorn and Marc van Vugt Duo

Wabafu Garifuna Dance Theatre

Click here: Wabafu Garifuna Dance Theatre

Elsa Nilsson

Click here: Elsa Nilsson

Sara Gazarek

Click here: Sara Gazarek

J’royce Jata

Click here: J’royce Jata

Alexa Barchini

Click here: Alexa Barchini

Aberdeen Band

Click here: Aberdeen Band

Annette Aguilar

Click here: Annette Aguilar

Kari vander Kloot

Click here: Kari vander Kloot

Lee Fish

Click here: Lee Fish

Alexander Claffy

Click here: Alexander Claffy

Michael Thomas Quartet

Click here: Michael Thomas Quartet

Nir Felder

Click here: Nir Felder

Secret Society Band

Click here: Secret Society Band

Music While We’re Inside

Click here: Music While We’re Inside

Ayo Awosika

Click here: Ayo Awosika

Jason Miles

Click here: Jason Miles

Luther S. Allison

Click here: Luther S. Allison

Maija Rejman

Click here: Maija Rejman

Duo Sorolla

Click here: Duo Sorolla

Emilio Teubal

Click here: Emilio Teubal

Gilad Hekselman

Click here: Gilad Hekselman

Jeremy Pelt

Click here: Jeremy Pelt

Marquis Hill

Click here: Marquis Hill

Vuyo Sotashe

Click here: Vuyo Sotashe

Wild Whispers

Click here: Wild Whispers

Larry Vuckovich

Click here: Larry Vuckovich

Noam Wiesenberg Trio

Click here: Noam Wiesenberg Trio

Brandon Goldberg

Click here: Brandon Goldberg

Pat Bianchi

Click here: Pat Bianchi

Alexander Lasalle

Click here: Alexander Lasalle

Alison Crockett

Click here: Alison Crockett

James Nyoraku Schlefer

Click Here: James Nyoraku Schlefer

Richard Johnson

Click here: Richard Johnson

Sharel Cassity

Click here: Sharel Cassity

Tia Fuller

Click here: Tia Fuller

The Joshua Breakstone Trio

Click here: The Joshua Breakstone Trio

Lakecia Benjamin

Click Here: Lakecia Benjamin

Shannon Powell

Click Here: Shannon Powell

Chris Rob

Click Here: Chris Rob

Adrian Cox

Click here: Adrian Cox

Guy Mintus

Click Here: Guy Mintus

Ian Trusheim

Click here: Ian Trusheim

Jim and Kathy Ridl Duo

Click here: Jim and Kathy Ridl Duo

Joe Blaxx

Click Here: Joe Blaxx

Jonathan Thomas Trio

Click Here: Jonathan Thomas Trio

Lewis Porter

Click here: Lewis Porter

The Pressenda Chamber Players

Click here: The Pressenda Chamber Players

Matt Savage

Click here: Matt Savage

Natie Music

Click Here: Natie Music

Vince Ector

Click here: Vince Ector

The Cookers

Click Here: The Cookers

James Weidman

Click Here: James Weidman

Juan Gutierrez

Click here: Juan Gutierrez

Otmaro Ruiz

Click here: Otmaro Ruiz

Alma and Rale Micic Duo

Click here: Alma and Rale Micic Duo

Todd Marcus Quintet

Click here: Todd Marcus Quintet

Tahira Clayton and Addison Frei Duo

Click Here: Tahira Clayton and Addison Frei Duo

John Pizzarelli

Click Here: John Pizzarelli

Louis Cato

Click Here: Louis Cato

NY/MD Organ Trio

Click here: NY/MD Organ Trio

Russell Gunn

Click here: Russell Gunn

The Royal Krunk Jazz Orkestra

Click here: The Royal Krunk Jazz Orkestra

Ola Onabulé

Click Here: Ola Onabulé

Pablo Ziegler

Click here: Pablo Ziegler

Sebastien Ammann

Click Here: Sebastien Ammann

Carlton Holmes

Click Here: Carlton Holmes

Craig Gildner

Click here: Craig Gildner

Justin Kauflin

Click Here: Justin Kauflin

Paquito D’Rivera

Click Here: Paquito D’Rivera

Dan Weiss

Click here: Dan Weiss

Janine Gilbert-Carter

Click here: Janine Gilbert-Carter

Melissa Aldana

Click Here: Melissa Aldana

Peter Martin

Click Here: Peter Martin

Tony Glausi

Click Here: Tony Glausi

María Terrero and Pedro Raposo

Click here: María Terrero and Pedro Raposo

Miki Yamanaka

Click Here: Miki Yamanaka

Cyrille Aimée

Click here: Cyrille Aimée

David Bixler

Click Here: David Bixler

Gregg August

Click here: Gregg August

Fabio Rojas

Click Here: Fabio Rojas

Dick Smith

Click here: Dick Smith

Dom Pipkin

Click Here: Dom Pipkin

Adonis Rose

Click here: Adonis Rose

Paul Cornish

Click Here: Paul Cornish


Click Here: Svetlana

SJZ Collective Band

Click here: SJZ Collective Band

Kurt Elling

Click Here: Kurt Elling

Aja Grant

Click here: Aja Grant

Ashley Pezzoti

Click here: Ashley Pezzoti

Lauren White

Click here: Lauren White

Steve Sandberg

Click here: Steve Sandberg

Davina Sowers

Click Here: Davina Sowers

Arcoiris Sandoval

Click here: Arcoiris Sandoval

Myron McKinley

Click here: Myron McKinley

Ruben Fox

Click here: Ruben Fox

The FOURantine Quartet

Click here: The FOURantine Quartet

Andy Schumm

Click Here: Andy Schumm

Daahoud Sali

Click Here: Daahoud Sali

Ed Fuqua

Click Here: Ed Fuqua

Lara Bello

Click Here: Lara Bello

Meschiya Lake

Click Here: Meschiya Lake

Astro James

Click Here: Astro James

Kendra Shank

Click Here: Kendra Shank

Jane Monheit

Click Here: Jane Monheit

Teri Roiger and John Menegon Duo

Click Here: Teri Roiger and John Menegon Duo

The 3D Jazz Trio

Click Here: The 3D Jazz Trio

Shedrick Mitchell

Click Here: Shedrick Mitchell

Jon Cowherd

Click Here: Jon Cowherd

Bronx Rising

Click Here: Bronx Rising

Yoshitaka Tsuji

Click Here: Yoshitaka Tsuji

Haruka Kikuchi

Click Here: Haruka Kikuchi

Charlie Benante

Click Here: Charlie Benante

Omar Sosa

Click Here: Omar Sosa

Patrick Bartley

Click Here: Patrick Bartley

Aki Kumar

Click Here: Aki Kumar

Jason Anick

Click Here: Jason Anick

Clarence Ward III

Click Here: Clarence Ward III

Martin Luther McCoy

Click Here: Martin Luther McCoy

Christie Dashiell

Click Here: Christie Dashiell

Mark Meadows

Click Here: Mark Meadows


Click Here: ¡Fiasco!

John R. Burr

Click Here: John R. Burr

Lisa St. Lou & Tor Hyams

Click Here: Lisa St. Lou & Tor Hyams

Tony Lindsay

Click Here: Tony Lindsay

Chester Thompson

Click Here: Chester Thompson

Ernie Watts

Click Here: Ernie Watts

Max Haymer

Click Here: Max Haymer

Immanuel Wilkins

Click Here: Immanuel Wilkins

Tedd Baker

Click Here: Tedd Baker

Jim Ridl Trio

Click Here: Jim Ridl Trio

Godwin Louis

Click Here: Godwin Louis

Chris Stiles

Click Here: Chris Stiles

Jane Irving & Kevin Hailey Duo

Click Here: Jane Irving & Kevin Hailey Duo

Artyom Manukyan

Click Here: Artyom Manukyan

Ned Rothenberg

Click Here: Ned Rothenberg

Sylvie Courvoisier

Click Here: Sylvie Courvoisier

Vardan Ovsepian

Click Here: Vardan Ovsepian

Veronica Swift

Click Here: Veronica Swift

Adam Neely

Click Here: Adam Neely

Mara Hruby

Click Here: Mara Hruby

Rajiv Jayaweera

Click Here: Rajiv Jayaweera

Travis Shaw

Click Here: Travis Shaw

Michael Sarian

Click Here: Michael Sarian

Isaac Wilson

Click Here: Isaac Wilson

Jae Han

Click Here: Jae Han

Mark Rapp

Click Here: Mark Rapp

T Sisters

Click Here: T Sisters

Toninho Horta

Click Here: Toninho Horta

The 41 players

Click Here: The 41 players

Fast Eddie & The Slowpokes

Click Here: Fast Eddie & The Slowpokes

Renée Tannenbaum

Click Here: Renée Tannenbaum

Roswell Jazz Festival Presents “Duke Ellington Story”

Click Here: Roswell Jazz Festival Presents “Duke Ellington Story”

Allegra Levy

Click Here: Allegra Levy

Kathleen Supové

Click Here: Kathleen Supové

Niles Lewis

Click Here: Niles Lewis

Nadav Peled

Click Here: Nadav Peled

Nicolas Bearde

Click Here: Nicolas Bearde

Tango Jazz Quartet

Click Here: Tango Jazz Quartet

Vanessa Racci

Click Here: Vanessa Racci

Bronx Music Heritage Center and Southern Boulevard Merchant Association Presents “Palabreando: Spoken Word Open Mic”

Click Here: Bronx Music Heritage Center and Southern Boulevard Merchant Association Presents “Palabreando: Spoken Word Open Mic”

Chris Morrissey

Click Here: Chris Morrissey

Walt Weiskopf

Click Here: Walt Weiskopf

Trio Incognito

Click Here: Trio Incognito

Dena DeRose & Renato Chicco

Click Here: Dena DeRose & Renato Chicco

Maria Muldaur

Click Here: Maria Muldaur

Paul Jost

Click Here: Paul Jost


Click Here: BXchange

Flat out Strangers

Click Here: Flat out Strangers

Arjun Verma

Click Here: Arjun Verma

Bob Sheppard Trio

Click Here: Bob Sheppard Trio

George Brooks

Click Here: George Brooks

Isabella Mendes & Flavio Lira Duo

Click Here: Isabella Mendes & Flavio Lira Duo

Dante Pope

Click Here: Dante Pope

Hayes Greenfield

Click Here: Hayes Greenfield

Mike Moreno

Click Here: Mike Moreno

Jesse Fischer Trio

Click Here: Jesse Fischer Trio

Sam Barsh

Click Here: Sam Barsh

Andrea Wolper

Click Here: Andrea Wolper

Martin Diller

Click Here: Martin Diller

Amos Hoffman

Click Here: Amos Hoffman

Faye Carol

Click Here: Faye Carol

Josh Nelson

Click Here: Josh Nelson

Rob Patrick

Click Here: Rob Patrick

Sal Cataldi

Click Here: Sal Cataldi

Steve Turre

Click Here: Steve Turre

Tiffany Austin

Click Here: Tiffany Austin

Jonathan Barber

Click Here: Jonathan Barber

Dan Wilson

Click Here: Dan Wilson

Anna Laura Quinn

Click Here: Anna Laura Quinn

Dan Rosenboom Quartet

Click Here: Dan Rosenboom Quartet

Roni Ben-Hur

Click Here: Roni Ben-Hur

Zach Brock

Click Here: Zach Brock

Juancho Herrera Quartet

Click Here: Juancho Herrera Quartet

Frank Carlberg Trio

Click Here: Frank Carlberg Trio

Judi Silvano

Click Here: Judi Silvano

Peter Erskine

Click Here: Peter Erskine

Villalobos Brothers

Click Here: Villalobos Brothers

Duane Eubanks

Click Here: Duane Eubanks

Justin Taylor

Click Here: Justin Taylor

Kalia Vandever

Click Here: Kalia Vandever

Petra Martin

Click Here: Petra Martin

Mark Hummel

Click Here: Mark Hummel

Tanya Anisimova

Click Here: Tanya Anisimova

Akiko Tsuruga

Click Here: Akiko Tsuruga

Landon Paddock

Click Here: Landon Paddock

Andrew Chen

Click Here: Andrew Chen

Dekel Bor

Click Here: Dekel Bor

Mark G. Meadows

Click Here: Mark G. Meadows

Steve Arnold

Click Here: Steve Arnold

Luca Benedetti

Click Here: Luca Benedetti

Audrey Silver

Click Here: Audrey Silver

Eric Hillman

Click Here: Eric Hillman

Charles Jones

Click Here: Charles Jones

Melissa Stylianou

Click Here: Melissa Stylianou

Judi Silvano

Click Here: Judi Silvano

BJ Simmons

Click Here: BJ Simmons

Sounds of A & R

Click here: Sounds of A & R

Chris Grasso

Click Here: Chris Grasso

E.J. Strickland

Click here: E.J. Strickland

Jeremy Cohen

Click Here: Jeremy Cohen

Larry Dunlap

Click Here: Larry Dunlap

Tommy Cecil

Click Here: Tommy Cecil

Amman Jazz Festival

Click Here: Amman Jazz Festival

Drew Medlin

Click here: Drew Medlin

Brian Charette

Click here: Brian Charette

Melanie Scholtz

Click Here: Melanie Scholtz

Nachito Herrera

Click Here: Nachito Herrera

Paulette McWilliams

Click Here: Paulette McWilliams

Tessa Souter

Click Here: Tessa Souter

The String Queens

Click Here: The String Queens

Yasushi Nakamura

Click Here: Yasushi Nakamura

Hery Paz

Click Here: Hery Paz

Zach Bingham

Click Here: Zach Bingham

Royal Jelly Jive

Click here: Royal Jelly Jive

Cathlene Pineda

Click Here: Cathlene Pineda

Ama Chandra

Click Here: Ama Chandra

Dick Goodwin

Click Here: Dick Goodwin

Benny Green

Click Here: Benny Green

Jay Clayton

Click Here: Jay Clayton

Joe Farnsworth

Click Here: Joe Farnsworth

Helio Alves

Click Here: Helio Alves

The Sholbertshires

Click Here: The Sholbertshires

Sam Edwards

Click Here: Sam Edwards

Marcos Varela

Click Here: Marcos Varela

Nick Brewer

Click Here: Nick Brewer

Oscar Hernandez

Click Here: Oscar Hernandez


Click Here: Taimane

Ryan Sands

Click Here: Ryan Sands

Victoria Theodore

Click Here: Victoria Theodore

Sara Jones

Click Here: Sara Jones

Kishi Bashi

Click Here: Kishi Bashi

Anthony “Swamp Dog” Clark

Click here: Anthony “Swamp Dog” Clark

Nahi Grūv

Click Here: Nahi Grūv

Edward Simon

Click Here: Edward Simon

Gary Smulyan

Click Here: Gary Smulyan

Jeff Denson

Click Here: Jeff Denson

Pete Malinverni

Click Here: Pete Malinverni

Eddie Palmieri

Click Here: Eddie Palmieri

Denise Solis

Click here: Denise Solis

Hector Matos

Click Here: Hector Matos

Alpha Rhythm Kings

Click here: Alpha Rhythm Kings

Arkadiy Figlin

Click Here: Arkadiy Figlin

Bob Lanzetti

Click Here: Bob Lanzetti

SIXX & System MuZiQ Band

Click here: SIXX & System MuZiQ Band

Andrew Speight

Click Here: Andrew Speight

Eva Novoa

Click Here: Eva Novoa

Randy Ingram

Click Here: Randy Ingram

Drew Gress

Click here: Drew Gress

Jeff Antoniuk

Click Here: Jeff Antoniuk

Pam Ortiz

Click here:  Pam Ortiz

Alex Pope Norris

Click here: Alex Pope Norris

Jazz Dog Band

Click Here: Jazz Dog Band

Gil Parris

Click here: Gil Parris

Lydia Pense

Click here: Lydia Pense

Nicki and Patrick Adams Duo

Click Here: Nicki and Patrick Adams Duo

Andrea Brachfeld

Click Here: Andrea Brachfeld

George Nazos

Click Here: George Nazos

Hot Club of Baltimore Quartet

Click Here: Hot Club of Baltimore Quartet

Tamuz Nissim

Click Here: Tamuz Nissim

Tim Whalen

Click Here: Tim Whalen

Marcus Strickland

Click Here: Marcus Strickland

Terry Koger

Click Here: Terry Koger

Antonio Hart

Click Here: Antonio Hart

Bobby Carcasses

Click Here: Bobby Carcasses

Cristian Perez

Click here: Cristian Perez

The Cosmo Alleycats

Click here: The Cosmo Alleycats

Terence Young

Click Here: Terence Young

Tim Ray

Click Here: Tim Ray

Mark McLean

Click Here: Mark McLean

Bill Malchow

Click Here: Bill Malchow

Jon Rooks

Click Here: Jon Rooks

Chelle’s Juke Joint

Click here: Chelle’s Juke Joint

Mike Clark

Click here: Mike Clark

George Garzone

Click Here: George Garzone

Dirty Cello

Click here: Dirty Cello

Bruce Gertz

Click Here: Bruce Gertz

Rachel Ilunga

Click Here: Rachel Ilunga

Peter Slavov

Click Here: Peter Slavov

Mitch Woods

Click here: Mitch Woods

Gayle Harrod

Click Here: Gayle Harrod

Francisco Mela

Click Here: Francisco Mela

Ema Mitrović

Click here: Ema Mitrović

Willy Rodriguez

Click Here: Willy Rodriguez

JoDe Romano & Samir Largus

Click here: JoDe Romano & Samir Largus

Tory Teasley

Click Here: Tory Teasley

Dino Govoni

Click here: Dino Govoni

Brendan Bull

Click here: Brendan Bull

Randal Despommier

Click Here: Randal Despommier

Peter Bernstein

Click Here: Peter Bernstein

Paul Bollenback

Click here: Paul Bollenback

Rossano Sportiello

Click Here: Rossano Sportiello

Jules Leyhe

Click Here: Jules Leyhe

Alan Broadbent Trio

Click Here: Alan Broadbent Trio

David Kikoski & Boris Kozlov Duo

Click Here: David Kikoski & Boris Kozlov Duo

Jinx Jones Jazz Trio

Click Here: Jinx Jones Jazz Trio

Spin Cycle

Click Here: Spin Cycle

Dominique Bianco

Click Here: Dominique Bianco

Arturo O’Farrill

Click Here: Arturo O’Farrill

Randy Brecker and Ada Rovatti Duo

Click Here: Randy Brecker and Ada Rovatti Duo

Macy Blackman

Click Here: Macy Blackman

Soweto Kinch

Click here: Soweto Kinch

Steve Cardenas

Click Here: Steve Cardenas

Hendrik Meurkens

Click Here: Hendrik Meurkens

Kyle Athayde

Click Here: Kyle Athayde

Michael Feinberg

Click Here: Michael Feinberg

Natalie Cressman

Click Here: Natalie Cressman

Ronnie Burrage

Click Here: Ronnie Burrage

Jon Beshay Quartet

Click Here: Jon Beshay Quartet

Steve Slagle

Click here: Steve Slagle

Marianne Solivan

Click here: Marianne Solivan

Clarence Penn

Click here: Clarence Penn

Tim Armacost

Click Here: Tim Armacost

John Chin Quintet

Click Here: John Chin Quintet

Erena Terakubo

Click Here: Erena Terakubo

Michela Lerman

Click here: Michela Lerman

Brett Brandstatt

Click here: Brett Brandstatt

Scott Robinson

Click Here: Scott Robinson

Randy Lucas Trio

Click Here: Randy Lucas Trio

Larry Corban

Click Here: Larry Corban

Joe Warner

Click Here: Joe Warner

Marcus McLaurine Duo

Click here: Marcus McLaurine Duo

Willie Martínez Quartet

Click here: Willie Martínez Quartet

Ray Blue Quartet

Click Here: Ray Blue Quartet

Ashling Cole

Click here: Ashling Cole

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